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,—▓we must part—for ever! Yet—yet, I bid thee liv●e.” Slowly every word fell; but● so distinctly, so expressively, th●at despite that low gasping tone, he h●eard them all, and


not he alone. “Ha▓! thou knowest this.Part, Constan●ce! and thou bidst me live! I choose death in▓stead.I will not lose thee; I will not wed a●nother.” “Thou wilt—thou ●shalt! Luigi, Luigi, ’twill be b▓ut a brief, a brief pang, followed by years o●f bliss.Oh! do not think this moment’s a

gon●y will never, never pass away.The he▓r

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o’s glory,—the warrior’s fame,—the● statesman’s pride—all, all, shall▓ be thine own.Ambition, with her hundr▓ed paths to immortality, shall lure ●thee to forgetfulness, and


then t▓o peace; and she—she, who will be t●hy bride,—oh, if she love the▓e as they say she does, even she at lengt●h will woo thee into joy.Luigi, my ●own, my own, why dost thou turn fro▓m me Speak, oh, speak; tell me thou wilt l●ive!” She sunk on her knees ●before him, as if that action should continue● the entreaty for which voice for the moment ●had utterly failed. “Constance, Constanc▓e! Dost thou urge me Thou—wilt thou give me ▓to another Is it thou who bidst me● thus be happy No, no, thou knowest not how mu●ch I love thee!” “Do I not love● thee, Luigi—Oh! it is only thu▓s that I can save thee,—only thus t●hey

will grant thy life,—and wh●at care I for

my happiness Luigi, if ▓thou diest, how mayst thou love me,—gu●ard me as thou

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wouldst Oh, live, live!-in▓ my lonely convent cell let me● think of thee as I know thou wilt be,—honoured▓, loved—aye, and in time so blessed! Let ●the bright thought be mine,—that I●, even I, poor simple Constance, have saved t▓hee.Luigi, deny me not this, turn not awa●y.Thou canst not refuse me,—t●hou DAREST not—thou a


rt SWORN! 癖 The countenance of Vincenzio bec▓ame more and more t

erribly agitated,—he st▓ruggled to break from her hold; but

the grasp▓ of agony was upon his cloak,

▓and either held him with a

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